South African Waves

South African waves. 

There’s no place like it. 


  • First of: you are my role model.
    Okay. Moving on:
    Hi! So, I’m aware that you probably get a ton of comments just like this one, but I’m going to go for it anyway. My name is Emma, I am South African, my brother calls me a “health fanatic”, I’m 17 years old and I travel the world with a wonderful school called Think Global. What I really want to ask is your advice. Please check out my blog. Also, I was recently asked to do a modeling job in Cape Town. Having never modeled before and being quite camera shy, I totally botched the job and I was really really hoping for advice. Thanks a million for reading this. Much Love x

    • Hi beautiful!

      Thanks for reaching out. Your blog is a wonderful little space. 🙂

      I’m often called a “health fanatic” as well so I hear ya!

      Feel free to connect with me on my facebook page or by email!

      Cheers x

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