Hey, fear!

One of the major causes of fear is that we do not want to face ourselves as we are. Fear happens when we remove ourselves from the moment, bringing our attention from certainty to uncertainty. It’s an usual, yet normally primitive, tricky emotion that often disguises itself in many ways: suffering, egoism, samsara, greed, anger, envy, fright, worry, apprehension, cognitive paralysis, anxiety, etc.

While the fear from our beloved ego navigates life by trying to keep us safe (thank you for doing your intrinsic job) and in a familiar place, it has a limited perception and blocks our creative and spiritual progress. We must remember that fear is not who we innately are; it is one of the many ways we are able to respond to life’s moments.

Can we trust the inner orchestras of the mind, heart, intuition and allow fear to flow through us rather than cage us in? Can we watch fear without any conclusions? Without any interference of the knowledge we have accumulated about it? Can we feel the fear, genuinely acknowledge its presence, while not allowing it to lead ourselves?

“I see what you’re doing, fear. Thank you for sending your signal. But it’s okay and you’ll have to take a seat in the back. I am the driver in charge here.”

It isn’t a matter of being fearless or kicking it to the curb, but rather bringing insight to what’s going on and using benevolence and goodwill in the face of what oppresses you. COURAGE, my friend. Good FAITH, my friend. These are the partners that direct you to the life you’re worthy of living. Because you and I are so much more than our fears. We have a right to be here, to do what we love, to try new things outside of our comfort zone. We’re all deserving of love. And, we are part of something greater than ourselves. The things that we feel in our hearts, the depths of hearts, are far more vital than the some of the things we believe in our minds.

What lies within us are direct antidotes to fear: the armour of loving-kindness, gratitude and the richness of our spiritual cultivation.

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