In Omnia Paratus / Ready For Anything

Bohemian. Writer. Humanitarian. Restless Polymath. Activist. Wellness & Vegan Enthusiast. Lifelong Learner. Maximalist. Magic Chaser. Perennial Optimist.

Sometimes, I like to share my creations that optimize a vegan, sugar free, gluten/wheat free, preservative free, junk free, earth approved, nourishing “namatasty” lifestyle. (So simple, I know!)

Sometimes, I write about things that I feel, truly matter the most and value giving light to. (Social justice, equality, kindness, energy, you know…the stuff that ignites the spark within us.)

Sometimes, I write about the a-ha! moments that I want to forever immortalize in my cyberspace existence.

Sometimes, I write way too much on my instagram posts where it sort of becomes this short form essay and oh well. I’ll write wherever I can put words in front of you – not limited to cafeteria napkins.

No one thing inspires me and I’ll never take that for granted. So you bet your ass that I’ll probably write about it eventually.



Where I create, there I am true.





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